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Founded in 1988, Vietnam Friendship Media (VNFM) along with other media networks in Northern California has fielded the media roles through television and radio broadcasting, as well as on the Internet. VNFM continues to bring to the Vietnamese communities here and around the world the latest news, entertainment programs, music, cultural and historical perspectives, educational programs, legal issues, life issues, and editorials on current events in Vietnam and around the world through our media networks: NET Television - News & Entertainment TV (netV), is a 24/7 program channel on KAXT-CD. KAXT-CD, the first Digital Television Station to broadcast 12 channels in multilingual such as: Vietnamese, Spanish, Indian, Filipino, Taiwanese, Korean, English. It was honor and nominated as a Station of the Year 2009 by Broadcast Engineering Organization. We currently launch our interesting netV programs via channel 1.12, to more than 250,000 viewers in San Jose and Bay Area, included: • Languages / Cultures • Dating / Reality, Net TV Night Line Shows. • Entertainment • News / Politics • Business / Technology • Religion • Charity • Travel Shows. On its corresponding website,, VNFM posts selected articles for viewer’s enjoyment. Here, information will be updated every week or thereabout, depending on viewers' demand. In the 90’s, the monthly number of listeners logged onto was the highest amount among all other similar websites. VNFM has also produced various products to its listeners/viewers as a way to fund its operating budget. More than two decades, Vietnam Friendship Media (VNFM) has been broadcasting on both modern and traditional concoctions focused on one simple key ingredient: integrity. We appreciate our listeners, viewers who share our sense of cultural pride and invite you to support our vision. Whether you live near or far, we welcome you 
to tune in and enjoy our programs.

Our Office and Studio are currently located on 2385 Senter Rd. (cross street is Tully Rd. next to McDonald) San Jose, CA 95112

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