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netV is a bilingual digital television network created for young, urban Vietnamese-Americans and English-language viewers. A division of the VNmedia, northern California’s leader in Vietnamese-language programming since 1988, netV develops original programming focused on current trends in news, music, fashion, and entertainment.


netV offers nonstop programming on KAXT-CD, channel 1.12, providing coverage throughout the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose television market, reaching over 250,000 Asian/Vietnamese American viewers in the Bay Area. netV viewers also have the option of watching programs online at


- netV news

The latest news in business, politics and sports happening here and around the world.


- Daily V

Follows the current trends in fashion, music, and entertainment.


- Mingle

Explores the lives and dating scene of Asian-Americans around the Bay.


- Vietnam Travel One-Six

Taste, dine, and travel to the trendiest spots around.


- Specials

On scene to celebrate the ringing of the New Lunar Year, Moon festival, plus more.


- Plus...

netV also features many syndicated movies and sitcoms as part of its prime time programming.


netV Audience:

The United States is home to largest overseas Vietnamese population in the world, with nearly 1.6 million residents. Vietnamese Americans are generally first or second generation Americans, and as many as one million speak Vietnamese at home - making it the 7th most spoken language in America.  Vietnamese-Americans are working-class and employed in a diverse range of industries including blue-collar, computer, entrepreneurial, medical, and aerospace professions.


Vietnamese-American Population Densities by U.S. County:

The Vietnamese-American population continues grow at an average rate of 50,000 persons/year.

Vietnamese-American Population Growth in U.S. by Year:

Vietnam Population from 1990 to 2009, data by World Databank (2011)


Of these, the majority live in California, with San Jose as the city with the highest number of Vietnamese-Americans in the United States.

Top 10 Highest Vietnamese-American Populations by U.S. City:

Several advantages of netV includes its broad reach of Vietnamese-Americans, “buzz-worthy” original shows, and syndicated programming, all of which provides strong branding capabilities with immediate impact to viewers across its coverage area.

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